My own process

Why and how have I become a psychotherapist? Why is psychotherapy my passion? I shall introduce you to my own process. 

Language and existence

I have always had a great interest in human existence and existential issues, as well as in language and literature. They are a thread running through my life.
Human existence on the one hand and language and literature on the other hand may never meet more intensively than in a psychological novel or film or in an open and honest psychotherapeutic discourse.

My path has organically grown. That is the way I feel it. When I was eighteen, I felt much too young to study psychology and to work with people older than me and having much more experience in life than me. I have first spent many years on literature and language and especially on philosophy. This was a great experience. My life as a young adult was another one.

Passionate for existence... A passionate existence!

After many years of interesting, but very solitary research in philosophy I had the courage to change course and to go for psychology. I wished to work with my heart and soul, not only with my intellect. I wished to know more about human existence, in order to be able to help people in trouble or suffering from existential issues. 

Believe me! When one thoughtfully and patiently follows his organic pathway, he will never end up badly.