• In search of yourself
    and more well-being


I will guide you in an insight- and results-oriented therapy. This can be a short-term treatment. When you are in deep trouble, you might need more sessions. Maybe you need a more psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy as a customised path towards more energy and harmony

Individual therapy

Human life starts with a little human being starting to grow up. There is no perfect manual...

Couples therapy

A relationship usually starts with two persons being in love. They do everything they can to...

Why would you choose me to become your psychotherapist?

I have a passion for psychotherapy and many years experience. I shall guide you to a life full of energy and harmony.
With more light than darkness. You will feel better and you will find more meaning of life and joy of life. Give it a chance. You can read more about the meaning of a customised path under the heading 'Approach'.
I will guide you without judging. I will support you in your search. It is really worth to express yourself.

Who am I?

There are numerous psychotherapeutic orientations and approaches. Some of them are known for a long time, but there are also new and promising techniques and strategies. Who can still see the wood for the trees?

All psychotherapeutic orientations are of a certain value. They have advantages and disadvantages. Every psychotherapist, like every client, is a unique person. A professional psychotherapist is a human being, having his individuality and singular approach. That is why I want to present myself to you as a person and as a psychotherapist.

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