To the persons who wish to look into this matter more in depth and who wish to enhance their self-knowledge I can recommend some valuable literature. 
Be careful however! Literature can increase insight and understanding. You may recognise yourself in several cases. Yet do not try to solve your problems by attributing yourself a label. That might obstruct an eventual positive change. 

Dirk De Wachter, Borderline Times, Leuven, 2012
Dirk De Wachter, Liefde. Een onmogelijk verlangen?, Leuven, 2014
Dirk De Wachter, De wereld van De Wachter, Leuven, 2016
Paul Verhaeghe, Liefde in tijden van eenzaamheid, 1998
Paul Verhaeghe, Over normaliteit en andere afwijkingen, 2002
Paul Verhaeghe, Het einde van de psychotherapie, 2009
Paul Verhaeghe, Identiteit, 2012   

Most of these books are translated in English.

Keep looking around. Find out your way!